Monday, June 29, 2009

The Skeleton Girl

I can no longer play; i've grown older, and ill. The people of the Courtyard in Edenwraith no longer gather beneath my verandah windows, holding their breath lest they miss a single beat of my tunes... It has been some months since i first became ill, only a manner of weeks since i last touched the pearlstone and obsidian keys.

"Madam, please, your court requests you play once again," a servant girl pleaded. I held a moist cloth to my lips, which had become cracked and red from my sickness.

"Tell the courts to wait; for is not health more important than entertainment?"

The girl only bowed her head and retreated from the room. I eyed my lunch tray idly; a rosy apple, thick broth, wholesome bread and some meat, probably deer or rabbit. I dipped my thin finger into the soup and tasted it; many herbs and spices played across my palate, making my dry skin flush. I gently picked up the tray and emptied its contents into the rubbish chute. Closing my eyes and folding my fingers, i sat down on my bed. I wept.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ohkay. Hm.

Well, i don't really much understand why you insist on being like this.
Quit being an idiot please.
I would just like you to leave me alone.

The new-blog smell.

This summer is all about new things. I'll try them, do them, eat them, date them, whatever.

So welcome to this blog, where i'm going to post trysts, follies and adventures i have in the waking and dreaming world.

Just you watch, you'll perhaps piece together how my mind works.