Tuesday, September 13, 2011

City lights

As i'm looking out my window, i see these city lights
Twinkling, real pretty like.
This neat-o shimmer like stars on water in the middle of the night
When your laughter and my laughter become one and
Caress the moonlight.
I think about science class
grade ten
Crusty old teacher 'hum-hum'-ing as the disobedient students
Throw spitballs back and forth and carve mementos into desktops
But never Sally the geek because she knows everything and will grow up to be
The next Einstein.
Grade ten science class
Where they taught me that lights don't glitter and stars
Don't shimmer
It's just the pollution in the atmosphere.
And, well, i think the pollution gave me some magic when i was ignorant
And maybe ignorance is ignorance but it's also
Bliss to not have to worry or wonder
If the stars would shimmer without 'global warming'
Or if the city would still flicker and glow outside my window
Or if they would both just be, still, like a rock or
Breath caught in surprise.
Bliss to not have to think about all the little things
Like 'is it safe to climb that tree, or will i get a rash'
Or 'can i go out without shoes, or will i step on glass'
Because life is no adventure without ignorance and injury.
Yeah, maybe i learned things that mattered but
When it gets right down to it, i don't particularly care if the Earth revolves around the Sun
(truth be told, mum always said i acted like it revolved around me)
I don't really care if the Earth is round or flat, so off the edge i might run
If i'm not careful.
All i really care to learn
Are the lines and shadows your body makes
Silhouetted against the night sky and city line
Where heaven meets concrete jungle
Where the pollution of love and life and happiness makes the lights sparkle
And we put ripples in the water
With our laughter.

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