Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Meaning of Life

I've discovered the meaning of life.

It's the air between raindrops,
The little bubbles in frozen water,
The echoes of silent shadows.
It's the scent of new roses,
Old moss and creeping ivy.
It's the colour of the sky when you can't tell if it's sunrise
Or sunset.

It's the thrill of the chase
For the one you need.
It's the taste of spring, summer and fall combined,
Dusted with winter.
It's the pitted feeling you get when you
Lose someone.
It's the suprise tear that rolls down your cheek when you promised
You wouldn't cry.

It's the warm embrace of the unexpected sun,
And the cool nuzzle of a soft breeze,
It's in the afterglow of life leaving a body
And the cry of a newborn.

It carries on,
Transcending time, space and nothing
All at once.
Varying in a million different ways, but still the same
Just like people.

I've found the meaning of life;
It has no tricks,
No lies,
No veils of deciet,
It is what it is...
And that's why so many people miss it.

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