Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Little Green House

I miss you, and the memories you helped me make
When we constructed our little cardboard house and I painted it half green, just for you

Your horse lived in our backyard, buddied up with the toxic waste donkey
Before it puttered off to the unicorn paddock
We admired other homes, the bakery, the fact that overnight the empty lots turned into
Upbeat homesteads.

I built furniture and you were the postwoman
Delivering important messages from house to house
I sent you love notes, which you redundantly picked up and subsequently delivered to our own little house before opening them
We walked the streets of our perfect city, admiring the view, and then
The sun set that final day and it was dismantled, taken down
And too soon, we became just me.

I still have our house, although I guess I live in it alone now
The empty postbox on the side
Dusty furniture on the deck
And the paint still green like
The weeds that grew in my heart
After you left.

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