Tuesday, September 13, 2011


you're lonely, aren't you? So am i.
You haven't anyone to talk to, but so many stories to share.
From the rise and fall of empires
to the soft sounds of breaking hearts.
Some believe you hold too much, and are
polluted by your burdens,
but i wish you were solid.

with your transparent memory,
none can see you; your mind
more vast than any desert and yet
full and expanding with the echoes of life.
Oh, how i wish you would come
out of shadows.
I know you follow me, everywhere. You listen
to the music i play for an empty house,
you hear my panicked thoughts,
you're there, always, listening with your infinite life.

do you love me?
Have you fallen for me yet?
You know the most about me,
how i feel anger for the unstoppable,
How i often wonder, if you opened your coffers,
if the world would be in chaos.
All the secrets given out like
flowers on Valentines.
Lovers in shambles and
Conspiracies confirmed.

Silence, fall in love with me, i implore you,
hold solid with the secrets you grow,
for my final code in confidence
is only yours to know.

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