Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Path of Least Resistance

With you, i will learn. i will learn that, when your mouth opens,
Only loving words will fall from your lips
your voice over the phone harbours no grating accusations, only
gentle words, kind murmurs.
i will learn that, when you smile,
it will not be followed by a snide remark
Or sarcasm, uncalled for at best or
purposefully, badly aimed at worst.
It will be a smile, only that, with
lips gently curving at the edges and maybe
dazzling snow-white teeth just peeking out.
i will learn that, when you hold out your hand,
it will not be aimed to strike, shake or threaten.
You will be there to pick me up when i have fallen
in stead of leaving me there, in the dust.
i will learn that there is unconditional love,
when one of us says 'i need time' the other holds no fear,
only for the other's wellbeing,
makes no selfish demands to uphold the relationship that falters,
for even marathon runners need breaks every once and a while, you know?
i will learn that we are like electricity,
making each other's skin go goose-bumpy upon the faintest touch
and static flickers of 'I LOVE YOU' burned into our brains
When we smile sheepishly at each other,
our fingers chasing each other around the saltshaker on the table
until one of us is finally caught, and gently cradled.
like electricity, this is love,
unexpected and magical, shocking sometimes, illuminating at others,
forever empowered by lightning storms, water and wind,
and always taking the path of least resistance.

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