Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pink Underwear

Tired of walking down the street and
Being stereotyped even when you try your best not to conform, and not even in the hipster way
Where everything but breathing is too mainstream, but more in the way that
No matter how you wear your hair or the colour of your skin or the brand of your clothing
You are what the people say you are until you dare to stand up and say you’re not
And there are few in this day and age so brave.
I haven’t much to say today but, when it comes to mind,
I know for a fact I’m not what I seem
And I doubt you are, or you, or you,

I know that just because someone wears Ed Hardy clothing doesn’t automatically make them a douche,
Just like I know wearing your hair in a ponytail doesn’t automatically make you a pony.

It’s simply a matter of convenience that most of the people that call me a fag, muffdiver or carpetmuncher happen to be wearing Ed Hardy at the time,
Although really, when you’re wearing something more bejeweled than the Queen’s crown, you shouldn’t be calling other people faeries.

Tired of walking everywhere and being called a dyke because
I favour loose clothing and an androgynous look, doesn’t mean I’m gay
I mean, don’t get me wrong, because I am gay,
But I don’t need a horde of Captain Obviouses pointing it out day after day.
I don’t need beer cans thrown at me, I don’t need to be spat on,
I don’t need to have the gay groped out of me
I don’t want to be a man, I don’t wish I had a dick,
I certainly don’t wish I had your dick,
And no, your dick will not change my mind.

My favourite activities are not dirtbiking, fixing cars and stealing your girlfriend and/or wife and/or daughter (though that last one’s happened one or two times)
My life does not revolve around my sexuality. I don’t read every gay book in the library just like I don’t watch the L Word every night.
I don’t call them gay rights, because where I live they’re just called rights
Same with marriage, I don’t have to jump through more than eleven hundred extra hoops to be considered ‘equal.’
I didn’t wake up this morning and have ‘gay breakfast,’ the fact that fruit loops are rainbow and fruity has nothing to do with why I like them
I also don’t hang around the Drive simply because of the vegan fare and lesbians, the latter of the two is simply an added bonus.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, no matter how much you can claim to know about me from one glance, you simply can’t judge me right on how I look
Because, face it, you can’t tell a book by it’s cover

And here’s a little secret, between you and me,
I’m wearing pink underwear.

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